Funny moment:

Our private road has just three houses; we all have a 'road agreement' having to do with plowing, repair, and so forth.

Our neighbor up the road, who mostly comes up just on weekends, never contacted the man who plows our road. The plowman, a friend of mine for years, was pissed about this, so when he plowed the road, he only plowed as far as our house and the connected driveway. Not only didn't he plow further up the road to the neighbor's house, but he even left a snow/ice berm of about 1-2' in height, blocking the road to the house.


The neighbor just arrived for the weekend, zipping along in his AWD car. He couldn't have failed to see the berm, but it looked to me like he just tried to muscle thru it (I happened to be looking out the window at the time). Instead of breaking thru the berm, his car got stuck ON it, which is much worse than if he'd just stopped in front of it.

He happens to be doing a lot of construction at his house and has his own Bobcat, so he was planning to plow his own driveway anyhow. I guess he'll be plowing his road, too, and that berm.

Kids, always stay friends with your plowman — and your neighbors.